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E: kfearon@trevello.com

What is your favourite place you have travelled to?

I love travelling to locations that have lots of history, great food and scenery.  Europe is definitely my favorite whether it's the wineries in Tuscany while staying in a villa, the history and romantic evenings of Rome or the food markets in Paris; it's all tantalizing to the senses.  My favorite destination is Dubrovnik, Croatia where the history is rich and the scenery is picturesque.  I was also in awe over the beauty of Hawaii, specifically the island of Kauai ( Garden Island) where Jurassic Park was filmed.  Its lush beauty and emerald valleys are quite breathtaking.   

What is on your travel bucket list?

I am very drawn to the Egyptian culture finding myself in younger years researching the history of Pharaohs.  Egypt is definitely on my top 10 bucket list.  Another top 10 destination of mine is an African Safari especially the destinations explored by National Geographic.  The world is our oyster and I intend to explore it!

What does the word "custom" mean to you?

I believe as your travel designer it's my job to investigate what experience is going to leave you to enjoy your trip beyond your expectations.  By asking the right questions and marrying your answers with an inspiring itinerary creating a recipe for a great trip with fond memories.